Infinite Mana (Demo v1.0.5)

New version available! Please download it today, and if you want to continue where you left off just move the "Save" files from the older folder into the new folder. Thanks, and enjoy!

Demo v1.0.5

  • Content:
    • A new area, "Antrus Mountainside" has been added in Lyset Barrens where the Hermit’s Cave used to be. You will now have to pass this treacherous area to get to him, unless you already did, then in that case why not explore it anyway?
  • Systems:
    • Added new drops/fixed drop rates for some enemies.
    • Reworked crafting system.
  • Misc:
    • Fixed a few different bugs.


Infinite Mana (Demo v1.0.5).exe 275 MB
Mar 11, 2018

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